Goal 10: My Bookprint by @dorapap72 #30GoalsEdu

It’s very inspiring for me as a teacher. Th title reminds me with my Dad’s advice “Mengajarlah dari hati kamu” OR “Teaching from your heart”. It’s worth reading^^ Thank you dear Vicky Loras for sharing this great writing.

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198004_513461212006980_973484126_nThis tenth goal has been suggested by an educator I admire tremendously for her work, her inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm in everything she does, be it teaching, blogging, or going to the gym – Theodora Papapanagiotou!

This goal has been on my mind for quite some time.

I love books so much, that every time I go into a bookstore, I struggle not to buy yet another – I have around five hundred in my small apartment. There is always a book in my bag, so I can read if I am commuting to a class by train or bus, or travelling in general, or out for coffee, I always have one on hand to read. I do not like all books (for instance crime novels or science fiction are not my cup of tea), but my favourite kinds are those that have to do with my work, any…

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Goal 5 : Stepping out of your comfort zone # 30goalsedu

Feeling safe and comfort, yes, I used to be a person who enjoyed being in the old box. I wake up every morning then starting my morning classes at 7 – 8 am. Then, I have a break time for 4 or 5 hours before I started my afternoon classes at 2 or 3 pm. In my spare time, I sometimes prepare some materials for the next classes or just do something fun, likes watching movie, writing a story etc. I work from Monday to Saturday. I always do the same activities everyday.
I am an English teacher, I teach English for kids, teens and adults. I work at a good place, I always get what I want. If I need supporting materials, I just call the Education Dept Staff to find it for me. I am lazy to learn something new. I feel safe as  I have friends who always be with me and understand me. I feel like I shouldn’t do anything to develop my teaching skill. I have dreams but I always keep them in my mind. I almost do the same activities everyday. It lasted for about 5 years. At the same time I feel comfort and also feel ’empty soul’ . Yeah,it is ” My Comfort Zone”.

In my comfort zone;

Safe            Limited  dreams       Lazy

Same friends         Same office         Passive

No challenge        Less confidence.

After 5 years, I feel like I’ve slept too long and I couldn’t wake up. Then, one day in February 2013, I got a new experience. I joined Teacher Workshop held by iTDi Community in Jakarta. During the workshop I feel that I am no body. No body knows who I am. It’s not easy for a teacher like me to start having a small talk with new people. However, It is a chance for me to make new friends out side my comfort zone.
After a few weeks, I made my big decision,I had to try something new somewhere. I started to arrange my new timeline of my daily activities. I know that it will be hard for me. Some friends of mine think that I’ve changed to be a new person. I was not Ika anymore. Whatever people think about me, I took the risks with my whole heart.

Yeah, I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and go out and connect with new people outside my zone. I know that they didn’t recognize me as IKA, an English teacher. I’ve got a lot of new things, the things that I will never get if I stayed in my old box.
Outside my comfort zone; 
Unlimited dream and ideas       More confident             

Active Diligent to learn

Fearlessness      More new friends

That is who I am now. I feel that I have found myself as me and as a teacher. By making decision to step out of my comfort zone I also change my ways of teaching. I have many sources for my supporting materials. I dare to start my first virtual exchange project with my ELT friend.
I never regret with my decision as after stepping out of my comfort zone I feel “I grow become a better person and a better teacher”
Thank you for reading.
Squid hugs,

Ika Chieka

Goal 4 : Revisit an Idea#30goalsedu

” My mind contains many good ideas,but it’s not always easy  to squeeze one out ” ( Ashleigh Brilliant)

That  quote is really me as I am a type of teacher with piles of ideas in my mind but i sometimes feel confuse which one of my ideas will be my priority. After reading the challenge of Goal 4 : revisit an idea, I kept silent and said about one of my ideas which I’ve kept it for so long but I will do it in this new term of study. Again, I asked my dear Vicky Loras to describe about the meaning of ” revisit an idea”, then I got it.

Due to my busy outdoor activities, I didn’t have much time to write my Goal 4 in a short time. It was my big homework that I have to finish it soon.

Then, last week I wrote a message to my friend,Rose Bard from Brazil and told her about my project entitled “THE BEAUTY OF WORLD CULTURES”. It is about how to make my students love their culture and also learn the cultures from other countries. I got this idea as my students are above 16 and they like learning something new, something unusual or something make them curious. Rose Bard’s class is my first choice as I have already been familiar with her students and my students also have been familiar with them. We will create a good way to our students in order to learn and share their ideas, knowledge and also experiences as a student. Thank you very much for your nice response Rose. You are awesome.

Now, I am ready to start doing one of my ideas which I’ve kept it for so long. Let’s start it!

Then I took the chance…

” Live your life, take chances, be crazy. Don’t wait because right now is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll be ever again” ( Nishan Panwar)

Image ImageImageImage

It is called ” The beauty of a Collaborative Community”. Why? Because it could be happen as I am the one who grows in Collaborative Learning Approach. It is iTDi ( International Teacher Development Institute). It is the place where I could erase my shyness and scare about sharing my idea and opinion as an English Language Teacher.

Here, I would like to share you about my first time to be a presenter at an International Conference TEFLIN 2013 which is held at the University of Indonesia. It is about 15 minutes from my house. The TEFLIN Conference is not really familiar in my ears before as it’s just for lecturers not for a teacher like me. So,It’s a big chance for me.

She is Barbara Hoskin Sakamoto,a program director of iTDi who gave me the big chance and asked me to join in a group presentation with her and two amazing teachers Nina Septina ( Semarang) and Budi Azhari Lubis (Tegal). The first time I didn’t say okay to Barb, I felt doubt. ” Who am I?” / ” Could I? ” . I shared with my friends about it, I asked their opinion and then all of them said ” Squid, you can do it!”. After having a big support from my friends in iTDi Team and also my parents, I say ” Okay,Barb!”. Barb, Nina and Budi are great teachers and friends. I’m being honor to be with them in a group.

The TEFLIN Conference lasted for 3 days from August 27-29 2013. Our group presentation is in the 1st day at noon. Before our presentation, Barb guided us to practice together. I was scare to speak in practice in front of Barb, I felt like she will judge me and correct my English. But, I was wrong. Barb is very patient and wise person. She let me keep talking without blaming me. She always gave us her nice smile. Me and my friends felt more confidence when she was around.

Me and my team could pass our presentation well. We did it with love. We shared our experience by joining a collaborative community. We got 3 points from our talks ; “Keep learning, keep sharing and keep teaching” . We have to be proud of being a teacher.

The 2nd day, we had a presentation again, but it’s about iTDi Community – for teachers by teachers. We told everyone how to join us and also what will we get after joining us in iTDi. We asked everyone who wants to be a better teacher.

The last day I joined Barb presentation, I learned about ” UNSTUCK”. It’s a wonderful time for me. ” Barb, thank you for playing a video of Chuck Sandy and also a story from Barbi “.

During the Teflin I met many great teachers from allover the globe. I met my ex-lecturer when I was studying at University of Jendral Soedirman,Purwokerto. He is Mr. Pudjo.it’s our 1st meeting after i left the University about 10 years ago. I also met a lecturer from Surabaya who I met her the 1st time in the Cotefl in Purwokerto last May 2013. I made more new friends and learned more from them.

Thankful God for all You’ve given to me.

 “I have taken and hold a big chance in front of me, then now I feel unstuck “.

Thank you for reading.

Squid hugs,

Ika Chieka

Me and My steps in Students Connected Group

I have been being a teacher for 7 years, but I’ve been being active as a teacher and a learner thru social media since 5 months ago. After joining iTDi Workshop in February 4th 2013 at UHAMKA, I’ve been trying to make more friendship with people especially English teachers and English learners who have a big effort to make their English better and better.

One day in February 2013,I had a chat with Ann Loseva, I knew her from iTDi Community. She is an English Lecturer at Moscow State University (MSU). I asked her about how to make our teens or adults have more spirit and be more active in communicating with English. Then, Ann asked me to join a group which she’s made with MIchael Stout ( from Japan). In the group, students are allowed to share or post something, engage in discussions friendly and politely. I was very happy at that time. After a few days I joined the group, I met many fellow English teachers from about 9 countries. However, I have 4 great teachers who introduced me about this group at the first time ,they are Rose Bard ( Brazil) , Ann Loseva ( Russia) ,MIchael Stout ( Japan) and Nihal Harmandar ( Turkey ).

Not only them but also their students supported me to do something great for the group. So, I took apart in this group by posting SATURDAY SPLASH every Saturday then Saturday Splash Chat. I started my SS on March 9th 2013, here I usually write a statement to discuss then I sometimes continued the discussion in SSC, I usually hold it in the evening at 9 pm ( Indonesia) until 11.30 pm. . The topics are in general such as Hobby,Traditional Foods etc. The first 30 minutes,I usually play games to practice their vocabularies. I start the game, I guide them..but then,they make an interesting conversation by themselves:) I just watch them and remind them if the suddenly keep ‘silent” Some of students who active in SS and SSC are from Indonesia,Brazil,Turkey,Chile and Russia. Maybe around 15 students although not all of them join every Saturday. They enjoy their conversation with their friends from other countries. They learn English and improve their English Skills together.

There four points I always do for this group,they are;

* Caring and Loving

    This is what I can do to make my students in this group feel that they are in the right place to learn and share about English. I usually greet them although I just say ” Hello,dear” into their inbox. I feel like they are here very close with me. Do it with care and love so everything will be fine^^

*  Dedication

  I fell in love with this group  since I was asked by Ann to join in. That’s why I dedicate myself for my students in this group.

* Creativity

   This is very important for me as a teacher. I have to be more creative finding new ideas to make students feel fresh and don’t feel bored for this group. I sometimes ask my students opinion about how to make the group keep shining. They are happy to share with me. I guide my students to post something to discuss.

* Be natural

  Be natural as my self help me to always keep alive in this group. I have to take a good moment to greet my students as I do really understand that they are very busy with their tasks from their schools or campuses. Asking them to be more active doesn’t mean that we have force them to be involve into the group every time. I have to learn their time.

Here are some photos of students from Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Japan and Chile. They make a circle friendship in Students Connected Group.

Image Image Image

These are the flags from each country;


In the next post, I will tell you more about our activities in this group and some of students voice about their experience as a member of Students Connected Group.

Thank you for reading and See you.

Squid hugs,

Ika Chieka, Indonesia

to be continued…

Goal3: What’s your Personal Theme Song? #30goalsedu

The first time i listened to this song a long time ago, I felt like i was very lucky to be me. I was born and raised in a small village. I’m a daughter of teachers. This song has changed my view of life^^. BE YOUR SELF:)

Yeah, Be Thankful to God for everything I’ve got and for never ending blessing of life and love. The lyric of the song is very touching me:)

Please check it out!

Squid hugs


Don’t you ever wish
You were someone else
You were meant to be
The way you are exactly

Don’t you ever say
You don’t like the way you are
When you learn to love yourself
You’re better off by far

And I hope you always stay the same
‘Cause there’s nothing about you I would change

I think that you could be
Whatever you wanted to be
If you could realize
All the dreams you have inside

Don’t be afraid
If you’ve got something to say
Just open up your heart
And let it show you the way

Don’t you ever wish
You were someone else
You were meant to be
The way you are exactly

Don’t you ever say
You don’t like the way you are
When you learn to love yourself
You’re better off by far

And I hope you always stay the same
‘Cause there’s nothing ’bout you I would change

Believe in yourself
Reach down inside
The love you find will set you free

Believe in yourself
You will come alive
Have faith in what you do
You’ll make it through

Don’t you ever wish
You were someone else
You were meant to be
The way you are exactly

Don’t you ever say
You don’t like the way you are
When you learn to love yourself
You’re better off by far

And I hope you always stay the same
‘Cause there’s nothing ’bout you I would change
‘Cause there’s nothing ’bout you I would change
Don’t change

Goal 2 : Avoid Burnout#30goalsedu

The 1st time I read the word ‘BURNOUT’,I say ” wow” !!! That’s the word I sometimes feel and I have to try hard to avoid it.

I opened CAMBRIDGE LEARNER’S Dictionary, then I got;
* Burn out as a phrasal verb -> to become ill or very tired from working too hard.

* Burnout as Noun (US) -> extreme tiredness, usually caused by working too much.

*Burn-out as Adjective-> informal , tired and without enthusiasm because you have worked too hard.

 So,who often feel ‘burnout’ ?? only teachers?? of course not. People come from other job fields also often feel it. But, here I just want to share about “my burnout” as a teacher.

I teach every day from Monday to Saturday or even Sunday I have to work,too. Although I have 2 teachers who help me every Tuesday and Saturday,but I still have to manage my own school. Teaching and managing students,then I have to be friendly to every customer ( students’ parent). I have to be a creative teacher to make my students feel happy and enjoy in learning English with me. I often get tired easily after teaching hundred students in different places. I have to ride my motorbike as I’m hate being trapped in a traffic jam if i drive a car. At night, I have to chat with my fellow teachers from other countries as I learn much from them thru Social Media. See? What a busy teacher I am!

I’ve ever thought that “doing lots of work can cause something bad for my health and my life. I think it’s not fair if we blamed our works as the cause of ‘burnout’,right? So, I try hard to avoid it.

Here are some of my ways to avoid being ‘a burn-out’ teacher :

1. Love what I am and love what I do

     It means that I have to love what I am and love what I have to do;)and the environment,too. Although we have to teach from morning ’till evening, we will never feel too tired. We will be more Thankful and be happier.

2.  Take my ‘silent’ moment.

      I’m a human being, my body deserves to be relax. Every time I found that I will  feel ‘burnout’, I take this ‘silent’ moment. I turn off my mobile in a whole day then  I do kinds of different simple activities with my activities as a teacher,just like cooking, changing the decoration of my room, collecting old photos of my childhood etc.

3. Do exercise and eat healthy food

    Doing exercise regularly is something hard for me as I have no time doing it, but then..I feel like I’m getting older and feel tired easily. I have to do it..or MUST DO IT. Say NO to ‘junk food’. It’s not good for our health.

Those are some of my ways to avoid ‘burnout’. Just simple ways from me:)

Thank you for reading it^^

Squid hugs,

Ika Chieka