A Coffee Time with Khansaa Saii



This is the first time I interviewed one of my friends in my PLN. I chose this title because I really love “Coffee”. Coffee is my best friend which always be with me every time I need it.

This time while enjoying my coffee, I had a small talk with my dear friend, an English teacher Khansaa Saii. She is an English Teacher at Raba’a Al-Adawiya Secondary Girls Independent School, Qatar. We spent a few minutes to talk a little about her profession as a teacher. Here we go;

Image Khansaa Saii

Hello dear Khansaa! Thank you for allowing me to ask some questions while enjoying the coffee. It’s my first time to interview my ELT friends.

Ika              : How are you,Khansaa?
Khansaa     : I’m fine , Ika and you?
Ika               : Could you tell me a little bit about your town? I’m sure many friends really
                     want to know it, too.
Khansaa      : I was born in Lattakia, Syria. It’s on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
Ika               : Now,I’d like to ask you about your profession as an English teacher.
                      Do you teach English at School? What school it?
Khansaa      : Yes, I’ve been an English language teacher for about 10 years.

                       I taught in Lattakia, Syria for about 2 years the ministry of education( English Language Teacher) then I married and       me                   and my husband moved to Qatar .
Ika                : How do feel of teaching girls? Do you feel bored sometimes?
Khansaa       : It’s an amazing experience. I used to teach boys and girls.
                       Not that much.
Ika                  : What difficulties do you find of teaching English in Qatar? We all know that
                        English is not as L1 there.
Khansaa         : Arabic is L1. Motivation is the major point in teaching here, especially they’re teenagers.
Ika                   : How do make students feel enjoy learning English?
Khansaa          : By playing some games, watch some videos and try to do some plays( role- plays).
Ika                    : Why do you like  being an English teacher?
Khansaa           : I like teaching . I feel proud when my student start to talk fluently , get high marks and communicate in English.
Ika                     : Who’s inspired you for being a teacher?
Khansaa           :My mom is a teacher, I used to see here with her students when she was teaching in one of the primary schools in       Lattakia ( our towns ).
Ika                    : How do you learn as a teacher?
Khansaa          : I usually attend some webinars, register in courses of the teachers professional development.
Ika                    : Do you teach every day ?
Khansaa          :Yes, everyday
Ika                    : Good job. Now, What do you think of learning and sharing thru Social Media?
Khansaa           : so interesting and important .
Ika                    : Do you usually join kinds of Webinars? Why Yes/ Why No ?
Khansaa          :  No , since I’m teaching Grade 10 and it’s not allowed in independent schools as well.
Ika                    : The last question, what you will say to all of English Teachers
                           from all over the globe, especially who are teaching at Non-Speaking English  Country!
Khansaa           : Go ahead and really it worth . Appreciate you sharing ideas and information.
Ika                     : Thank you dear Khansaa for this nice talking. You’re great and inspiring. Squid
                           Hugs from Indonesia.
Khansaa           :Thank you so much Ika

Ika                     : The pleasure is mine,Khansaa. What a nice Coffee Time!




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