Nothing special about teaching profession… Huh?

Thanks for opening my eyes and my heart from every word in your writing,Rose. You’re awesome^^ . Let me Reblog it.

ROSE BARD - Teaching Journal

Bairro da Juventude School

This week I started observing a class of 6-year-old kids that are learning to read and write. The observation is part of my studies in Early Childhood education. The 1st grade teacher will be my research internship supervisor. First, I have to spend days observing and write down a report for my internship mentor who will discuss what I had observed. Then, I have to create the lesson plans focusing on literacy development and teach the kids a number of hours.

The 1st grade teacher is a great professional and passionate about the kids. I’m happy that she accepted this role in my final year. She’s also the one who will observe and assess me when the day come for me to step into her shoes. She’s been working in Bairro da Juventude School for 14 years. Needless to say that we clicked right away and…

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