Closing 2013 and Opening 2014 with 12 wonderful days


That quote is very true. I do believe it.

December,28th 2013.

     I decided to go to my home village by bus cos I wanted to celebrate my New Year with my whole family. I went there in the evening around 7 pm. I took 8 hours to reach my home village. It’s a small village in one of a fresh town in Central Java,Indonesia.

My father picked me up at a bus terminal around 3 am. “Happy”, yes, I felt it when I saw my father’s face and saw he’s in his good health. Then, I also felt happier when I saw my lovely Mom and Grandma. When the morning came,I met my cute stars : Aura, Aurelia and Ghanian. I hold them tightly and also gave my sweetest kisses. They grew up so fast, Aura is almost as tall as me, Aurel is also taller than before, Ghanian has already ran fast. Thankful God for giving them for me.

Image   Image

In the 2nd day I was there in Dec 30th, Aurel (rere) celebrated her birthday. Now, she’s 7 years old. We went to a swimming pool and we swam and played water together. It’s a fun day.

Image Happy Birthday,dear.. Wish you all the best^^ hugs and kisses.

My fun day has changed in Dec 31st…My body felt not really good. I got bad cough, bad cold and diarrhea. I couldn’t smile and play with them again. I could stay in my bed, took a good rest and busy with kinds of medicines from my doctor. It’s very boring activities:(

In New Year’s Eve, I stayed at home only with my grandma since my both parents went somewhere and my three cute stars came to meet me around 10 pm. It’s better for me, at least I didn’t stay alone that night. Their smiles were so wonderful that night.

The 1st day of 2014,I was still not good. I couldn’t eat my favorite foods cos I had to consume only vegetables and fruits.

Three things I didn’t like during my days there; I was sick so I couldn’t play effectively with my stars,no ‘internet connection’. It’s very bad. in my I couldn’t keep on line. I couldn’t share and learn with my online friends effectively. If I wanted to be active, I had to go to a higher place to get better connection. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that since I was still very weak and pale:(.

Finally, I spent my days in my home village for 12 days, from December 28th 2013 until January 10th 2014. I called those days as ’12 wonderful days’ since I realized that during 12 days in there, I got many wonderful experiences, included getting ‘sick’. I could take a great lesson from it. It’s “BEING HEALTHY IS EVERYTHING” .

Thanks God for giving me a great chance to feel ‘sick’. It means that I have to keep my health, good meals and good rest…never ignore having breakfast!  I will always keep my health because we can’t do anything if we’re not health.

(It’s just my notes, I wrote here because I want do it as my good reflection)






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