2014: And let the fun begin!

My dear sis and mentor has inspired me with her great idea about ‘games’ for her students. I decided to re-blog it. Thank you Rose Bard..Keep inspiring us!^^

ROSE BARD - Teaching Journal

My journey to understand playfulness has come to an end.  And now it is time to take full advantage of the lessons learned and create/adapt the games for 2014!

  •  I learned for instance that when choosing a game I have to make sure that all learners are prepared to fully participate, and to create a supporting atmosphere. Also never to base the choice of a game on a language point alone, but rather I’ll give some thought on the pedagogical reasons to use it, and adapt in order to provide the support that everyone needs.

Take a simple spelling game for example. If competition is involved and there are stronger/higher level students, the other students might not have the same chance of winning if they play alone and that can be really frustrating, and also demotivating if classroom culture promotes competition especially with teens. I’m not saying that competition is…

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