Goal 4 : Revisit an Idea#30goalsedu

” My mind contains many good ideas,but it’s not always easy  to squeeze one out ” ( Ashleigh Brilliant)

That  quote is really me as I am a type of teacher with piles of ideas in my mind but i sometimes feel confuse which one of my ideas will be my priority. After reading the challenge of Goal 4 : revisit an idea, I kept silent and said about one of my ideas which I’ve kept it for so long but I will do it in this new term of study. Again, I asked my dear Vicky Loras to describe about the meaning of ” revisit an idea”, then I got it.

Due to my busy outdoor activities, I didn’t have much time to write my Goal 4 in a short time. It was my big homework that I have to finish it soon.

Then, last week I wrote a message to my friend,Rose Bard from Brazil and told her about my project entitled “THE BEAUTY OF WORLD CULTURES”. It is about how to make my students love their culture and also learn the cultures from other countries. I got this idea as my students are above 16 and they like learning something new, something unusual or something make them curious. Rose Bard’s class is my first choice as I have already been familiar with her students and my students also have been familiar with them. We will create a good way to our students in order to learn and share their ideas, knowledge and also experiences as a student. Thank you very much for your nice response Rose. You are awesome.

Now, I am ready to start doing one of my ideas which I’ve kept it for so long. Let’s start it!


One thought on “Goal 4 : Revisit an Idea#30goalsedu

  1. Hi dear Ika,
    I’m happy to be part of it. As someone who lived in three very different countries and learned to love each place and its culture, I believe you are in the right track with this project. You are offering students the chance to interact with foreigners and exchange ideas about their worlds. I’m posting to my girls tonight what you and your students posted in our Tumblr. 🙂 Like you I really hope my students too become sensitized by the contact they are able to make to other cultures without leaving their homes. ♥

    Ps. The pleasure is all mine!

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