Then I took the chance…

” Live your life, take chances, be crazy. Don’t wait because right now is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll be ever again” ( Nishan Panwar)

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It is called ” The beauty of a Collaborative Community”. Why? Because it could be happen as I am the one who grows in Collaborative Learning Approach. It is iTDi ( International Teacher Development Institute). It is the place where I could erase my shyness and scare about sharing my idea and opinion as an English Language Teacher.

Here, I would like to share you about my first time to be a presenter at an International Conference TEFLIN 2013 which is held at the University of Indonesia. It is about 15 minutes from my house. The TEFLIN Conference is not really familiar in my ears before as it’s just for lecturers not for a teacher like me. So,It’s a big chance for me.

She is Barbara Hoskin Sakamoto,a program director of iTDi who gave me the big chance and asked me to join in a group presentation with her and two amazing teachers Nina Septina ( Semarang) and Budi Azhari Lubis (Tegal). The first time I didn’t say okay to Barb, I felt doubt. ” Who am I?” / ” Could I? ” . I shared with my friends about it, I asked their opinion and then all of them said ” Squid, you can do it!”. After having a big support from my friends in iTDi Team and also my parents, I say ” Okay,Barb!”. Barb, Nina and Budi are great teachers and friends. I’m being honor to be with them in a group.

The TEFLIN Conference lasted for 3 days from August 27-29 2013. Our group presentation is in the 1st day at noon. Before our presentation, Barb guided us to practice together. I was scare to speak in practice in front of Barb, I felt like she will judge me and correct my English. But, I was wrong. Barb is very patient and wise person. She let me keep talking without blaming me. She always gave us her nice smile. Me and my friends felt more confidence when she was around.

Me and my team could pass our presentation well. We did it with love. We shared our experience by joining a collaborative community. We got 3 points from our talks ; “Keep learning, keep sharing and keep teaching” . We have to be proud of being a teacher.

The 2nd day, we had a presentation again, but it’s about iTDi Community – for teachers by teachers. We told everyone how to join us and also what will we get after joining us in iTDi. We asked everyone who wants to be a better teacher.

The last day I joined Barb presentation, I learned about ” UNSTUCK”. It’s a wonderful time for me. ” Barb, thank you for playing a video of Chuck Sandy and also a story from Barbi “.

During the Teflin I met many great teachers from allover the globe. I met my ex-lecturer when I was studying at University of Jendral Soedirman,Purwokerto. He is Mr.’s our 1st meeting after i left the University about 10 years ago. I also met a lecturer from Surabaya who I met her the 1st time in the Cotefl in Purwokerto last May 2013. I made more new friends and learned more from them.

Thankful God for all You’ve given to me.

Β “I have taken and hold a big chance in front of me, then now I feel unstuck “.

Thank you for reading.

Squid hugs,

Ika Chieka


9 thoughts on “Then I took the chance…

    • As I told in my talks at the Teflin, before I joined iTDi,I used to be SHY + SCARED to share my opinion and give my comment in public. But then, It’s gone. Barb, thank you so much for always support me and build my confidence.
      I AM iTDi and I AM ALIVE^^

  1. Congratulations on your first presentation Ika at an international conference! How exciting! I bet it wasn’t so scary with all that iTDi support. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to reading more about your experiences.

    Purple squid hugs!

  2. So proud of you Sis! And you shiny all the way through because like you say… together WE can. Thanks for writing the post and sharing how you felt about it. I wish I were there. snif snif snif. You guys rock. β™₯ you all. πŸ™‚ Kudos to you for believing in yourself and in the support of this great community we are part of “iTDi”.

    • Dear Rose Bard my sister, Thank you so much for your nice comment. You and your students are my inspirations of my talks,too. Everything about me now inspired by teacher like you. Your great ideas about teaching are really mean to me. You were in Teflin dear as me and Budi mentioned your name during our talks. I always pray that someday we will meet in person. I’m sure^^

      Squid hugs,

      • I pray and hope too dear. One day Inshah Allah we will. πŸ™‚ What an honor to have my name mentioned by great educators like yourselves. Keep up the great work dear.

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