Me and My steps in Students Connected Group

I have been being a teacher for 7 years, but I’ve been being active as a teacher and a learner thru social media since 5 months ago. After joining iTDi Workshop in February 4th 2013 at UHAMKA, I’ve been trying to make more friendship with people especially English teachers and English learners who have a big effort to make their English better and better.

One day in February 2013,I had a chat with Ann Loseva, I knew her from iTDi Community. She is an English Lecturer at Moscow State University (MSU). I asked her about how to make our teens or adults have more spirit and be more active in communicating with English. Then, Ann asked me to join a group which she’s made with MIchael Stout ( from Japan). In the group, students are allowed to share or post something, engage in discussions friendly and politely. I was very happy at that time. After a few days I joined the group, I met many fellow English teachers from about 9 countries. However, I have 4 great teachers who introduced me about this group at the first time ,they are Rose Bard ( Brazil) , Ann Loseva ( Russia) ,MIchael Stout ( Japan) and Nihal Harmandar ( Turkey ).

Not only them but also their students supported me to do something great for the group. So, I took apart in this group by posting SATURDAY SPLASH every Saturday then Saturday Splash Chat. I started my SS on March 9th 2013, here I usually write a statement to discuss then I sometimes continued the discussion in SSC, I usually hold it in the evening at 9 pm ( Indonesia) until 11.30 pm. . The topics are in general such as Hobby,Traditional Foods etc. The first 30 minutes,I usually play games to practice their vocabularies. I start the game, I guide them..but then,they make an interesting conversation by themselves:) I just watch them and remind them if the suddenly keep ‘silent” Some of students who active in SS and SSC are from Indonesia,Brazil,Turkey,Chile and Russia. Maybe around 15 students although not all of them join every Saturday. They enjoy their conversation with their friends from other countries. They learn English and improve their English Skills together.

There four points I always do for this group,they are;

* Caring and Loving

    This is what I can do to make my students in this group feel that they are in the right place to learn and share about English. I usually greet them although I just say ” Hello,dear” into their inbox. I feel like they are here very close with me. Do it with care and love so everything will be fine^^

*  Dedication

  I fell in love with this group  since I was asked by Ann to join in. That’s why I dedicate myself for my students in this group.

* Creativity

   This is very important for me as a teacher. I have to be more creative finding new ideas to make students feel fresh and don’t feel bored for this group. I sometimes ask my students opinion about how to make the group keep shining. They are happy to share with me. I guide my students to post something to discuss.

* Be natural

  Be natural as my self help me to always keep alive in this group. I have to take a good moment to greet my students as I do really understand that they are very busy with their tasks from their schools or campuses. Asking them to be more active doesn’t mean that we have force them to be involve into the group every time. I have to learn their time.

Here are some photos of students from Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Japan and Chile. They make a circle friendship in Students Connected Group.

Image Image Image

These are the flags from each country;


In the next post, I will tell you more about our activities in this group and some of students voice about their experience as a member of Students Connected Group.

Thank you for reading and See you.

Squid hugs,

Ika Chieka, Indonesia

to be continued…


2 thoughts on “Me and My steps in Students Connected Group

  1. Hi Ika,
    Thanks for writing this great article about Students Connected.
    I just need to make one correction. Anna Loseva started Students Connected all on her own, and all I did was join and ask some of my students to join, just like you. Actually, you have been much more active than me and you have made a far bigger impact on the group that I have. Nevertheless, thank you for the kind words. I hope we can meet face-to-face one day.

    • Thank you for your comment Mike. We will do our best to our students. Mike, I have an idea to make our students keep in touch actively. Most of my students in Indonesia are keen on Japanese Cultures and Language. Moreover, they also join a club of Japanese Culture here,but I forgot the name. I have an idea, I will ask my students who like everything about Japan to post their activities then they ask you and your students to discuss together about it. What do you think? OR you have any other idea,Mike? I’m looking forward to your idea. Squid hugs

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