Goal 2 : Avoid Burnout#30goalsedu

The 1st time I read the word ‘BURNOUT’,I say ” wow” !!! That’s the word I sometimes feel and I have to try hard to avoid it.

I opened CAMBRIDGE LEARNER’S Dictionary, then I got;
* Burn out as a phrasal verb -> to become ill or very tired from working too hard.

* Burnout as Noun (US) -> extreme tiredness, usually caused by working too much.

*Burn-out as Adjective-> informal , tired and without enthusiasm because you have worked too hard.

 So,who often feel ‘burnout’ ?? only teachers?? of course not. People come from other job fields also often feel it. But, here I just want to share about “my burnout” as a teacher.

I teach every day from Monday to Saturday or even Sunday I have to work,too. Although I have 2 teachers who help me every Tuesday and Saturday,but I still have to manage my own school. Teaching and managing students,then I have to be friendly to every customer ( students’ parent). I have to be a creative teacher to make my students feel happy and enjoy in learning English with me. I often get tired easily after teaching hundred students in different places. I have to ride my motorbike as I’m hate being trapped in a traffic jam if i drive a car. At night, I have to chat with my fellow teachers from other countries as I learn much from them thru Social Media. See? What a busy teacher I am!

I’ve ever thought that “doing lots of work can cause something bad for my health and my life. I think it’s not fair if we blamed our works as the cause of ‘burnout’,right? So, I try hard to avoid it.

Here are some of my ways to avoid being ‘a burn-out’ teacher :

1. Love what I am and love what I do

     It means that I have to love what I am and love what I have to do;)and the environment,too. Although we have to teach from morning ’till evening, we will never feel too tired. We will be more Thankful and be happier.

2.  Take my ‘silent’ moment.

      I’m a human being, my body deserves to be relax. Every time I found that I will  feel ‘burnout’, I take this ‘silent’ moment. I turn off my mobile in a whole day then  I do kinds of different simple activities with my activities as a teacher,just like cooking, changing the decoration of my room, collecting old photos of my childhood etc.

3. Do exercise and eat healthy food

    Doing exercise regularly is something hard for me as I have no time doing it, but then..I feel like I’m getting older and feel tired easily. I have to do it..or MUST DO IT. Say NO to ‘junk food’. It’s not good for our health.

Those are some of my ways to avoid ‘burnout’. Just simple ways from me:)

Thank you for reading it^^

Squid hugs,

Ika Chieka









4 thoughts on “Goal 2 : Avoid Burnout#30goalsedu

  1. I agree, Ika. That is what I have felt for the last 2 years 😀 But what do you think if the burnout is caused by the school itself, that does not appreciate us well?

    • hehe..of course not,dear…Burnout is not always caused by the school itself. There are so many things around us could be the reasons why did we feel it.
      Actually,i have more ways to avoid it, just like Going out with friends ( closed friends) talking about something funniest, calling my old friends, watching comedy movies, listen to my favorite songs and also calling my parents as they are living far from me…so, listen to my parents’ voice when I felt bad,It’s really helpful for me^^

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