Goal 1: Define Your Moment #30goalsedu

Rose Bard,one of my inspiring teachers who’s added me a a member of this group. She’s very dedicated teacher and great teacher who has a big effort to always learn new things. Thank you Rose for everything you’ve shared to me:)

Shelly Sanchez Terrel, a wonderful teacher who has wonderful ideas and created this wonderful group of teachers. Thank you Shelly^^

My dear,Vicky Loras who’s supported me to be more confident to write:) Even,Vicky gave me a big support 15 minutes before I wrote this post^^ Thank you dear.

Talking about “Define Your Moment”, Firstly,I’d like to share about my first time as a teacher. Long before I started my life became a teacher,I was an employee in one of ‘a big’ Companies in Jakarta. It’s a great dream of most fresh-graduated students in my town. I moved from my small town to a big City,Jakarta. I didn’t have any passion to be a teacher as my grand father, father, mother, uncles and aunts are teachers.
I tried to enjoy my life as an employee with a busy lifestyle and have to work under-presser. After 6 months, I said “QUIT” from my company. My life wasn’t be there.

Then, I started sending my application letter to a small English School in my housing complex. Lucky me, I was accepted. Time after time, I enjoy my life being a teacher of English there. I’m the only one teacher who likes taking some risks in my teaching. I often do something different, new and ‘crazy’. My focus is I have to make my students feel comfortable while learning English. They have to feel enjoy learning English.After years being a teacher, I collaborated with my sister started our 1st English School. We both are different in characters,but we are one in our goal. The more people thinking about our ‘crazy decision’ the more we learn to make it true. We  started it from ZERO. No worries about every negative things around us,we defined our time. These are 4 important words for us: L.O.V.E ( Life, Opportunity,Value,Effort).

Life –> We think that It’s our life living in educational field,our LIFE IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE but COLORFUL). We have to enjoy our life by thinking positively. Always be Thankful for everything we’ve got. We have to take an Opportunity which come into our life and use it well. I got an opportunity to learn from Social media about how to be a better teacher with many teachers from all over the globe,It’s something new for me,then I took it and I jumped in it:). Everything we’ve done or we will do in our life,it must have a good Value for others. In order to be a good teacher, we have to keep our Effort to learn and do something new. Never give up!!!^^


Life will be more beautiful if we do everything with LOVE^^

Squid hugs^^

Ika Chieka Wibowo





8 thoughts on “Goal 1: Define Your Moment #30goalsedu

  1. Dear Ika,
    I loved reading about “Your Moment”, I value how you express gratitude, and your LOVE motto, (Shall I call it motto?). You are certainly a passionate teacher and a role model.

    • Thank you Roseli^^
      I’m a new blogger dear,that’s why I have learn more from other bloggers.
      Glad to see you give your comment here^^ I’ll keep writing,sure!^^

      Squid hugs,
      Ika Chieka

  2. Hi Ika!

    Like Debbie said, I love your motto too! You are super – and taking on the 30 Goals Challenge is great, because we will all learn so much from you! Thank you so much for the mention and I am so thankful we have connected : )

    Big hugs to the cutest squid around,

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