I am Ika Sari Lestiyani Wibowo, but please call me IKA CHIEKA. I was born and raised in a small village in Indonesia. Now, I’m living in a big city near Jakarta, the Capital City of Indonesia. I’ve ever taught English at General School but I prefer teaching at an English School. I teach a wide range of levels from young learners to adults at New Concept English Education Centre in Depok, West Java. I’ve been teaching for 7 years. I’m also a freelance teacher giving one-to-one lessons to Adults about General English and English for Specific Purpose. Since 2009, I’ve started opening my own English School with my sister. My sister is responsible for the school management but me,I’m responsible for managing the teachers and the students. I teach them,too.

That’s my key for teaching. I loved being a teacher, I loved teaching my students and I teach my students with love. I loved reading books about teaching English, story books as I like telling a story in my kids’ class. I loved teaching kids while telling a story,singing and playing games. Teaching kids makes me feel 10 years younger than my age:). Love is my power.

I loved supporting people to do what they have to do and to be what they have to be. I created an English Club in 2008. I called it E-COR 25 (English Corner 25). I asked my teens’ students to learn and share together. We often join kinds of events, just like English Competition. I loved to be with them, even it’s just for hanging out with them. I think by supporting them,they will love us and be nice students. I placed myself to be their teacher, their sister and their friend. I go for it^^

” Shine bright, be yourself.”
― Stephen Richards

There was a great moment in February4th 2013. It’s the 1st time i met some great teachers from
iTDi Community. Adi Cerman, Yitzha , Barbara Hoskin Sakamoto, Eric Kane, Chuck Sandy and Karl Millsom are the teachers who are inspiring me through their presentation in the workshop I joined in that day. During the workshop,I kept in my mind” I WILL BE THERE WITH THEM”. Since then, I jumped into that community.After I joined iTDi Community, I became a teacher who keen on online learning, sharing and making new friendships with other teachers and students from all over the countries in order to improve myself to be a better teacher. iTDi has UNLOCKED MY OLD BOX:)

Yay..This is me.. Ika Chieka.

Squid hugs^^


4 thoughts on “THIS IS ME

  1. Dear Ika,

    My sister Eugenia and I would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of blogging! We are so happy you have your own! It is so wonderful how we started connecting on Facebook, and the coincidence that you started a school with your sister, and I did with mine : )

    I love how you introduce yourself in this first post and connect it to your passion of teaching, which shines through in any of your updates or posts on social media as well. Keep up the excellent work!

    You are the cutest squid around, by the way! : )

    Best wishes,

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