Those two words are often being my nightmare for a long time. I am SHY if others know about my ‘illiterate’ about using tech. I found most of teachers use high-tech as a media to teach their students,but me? I am not familiar with it. They draw some pictures by using i-Pad or other tools,but me..I use my hand, I draw animals, flowers, clothes, foods etc,then I color them or I ask my students to color them.

I am SCARED of making mistakes in writing. I am ‘not’ really good in grammar. That’s why I try hard to learn about it.


After joining iTDi and making more friends thru social media, i became the one who keen on on-line learning and sharing thru social media. It needs my big effort and commitment. I try to learn how to download a video, how to chat, how to use Skype, whats app and how to create a blog:). I ask everyone to help me. Time after time, I become familiar with those things,although I’m still confuse how to use them. Keep learning!^^. One more thing, some of friends called me MISS ON-LINE. Wow!!!
I used to very ‘bad’ with it,but then try to be relax with it. Whatever I do with my on-line activities are something positives,something I have to learn to improve myself to be a better teacher.


I dedicate my blog to the great teachers below. The teachers who always share me new knowledge and experience thru about teaching learning. I learn much from them.Thankful God for giving me a chance to meet all of them. They are very amazing and dedicated teachers. I respect them^^

Dear my beloved friends; THANK YOU^^

Squid hugs

Ika Chieka





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